Terms & Conditions

Please read the below-mentioned terms and conditions carefully …

  1. Once you pay register fee  it is non-refundable.
  2. Pay one time, work life time.
  3. You should pay only to company account number.
  4. If 2nd party (referral) demand you to pay for personal  acc company will be not responsible for it.
  5. We have specific bank account.
  6. New joiners must submit all documents to mentioned mail id..
  7. You must wait for 3hrs for verification to get your work updated.
  8. After Getting your work, go through all the data that we have sent.
  9. If you have any query kindly contact with your referral.
  10. If your referral did not respond, drop a mail to company mail id..
  11. You will get Weekly payments on Monday.
  12. You will get your bonus on month end.
  13. 5% TDS charges will be deducted in your payments.
  14. Data entry payments will be released within 24 hours.
  15.  Age limit 18 above.